Have we been misled by the scientists for three decades? Is sugar the villain, why we are all overweight or obese?

Some of the falsehoods propagated over three decades by science and the government…

Sugar is the Villain
Sugar is the Villain

High cholesterol food has NOTHING to do with high cholesterol in the body.  Fat is NOT bad – indeed, it’s difficult to gain weight on a fatty diet and there is NO relationship between fat and body fat or heart disease or cancer.  Increasingly, the obesity problem is focusing on sugar as the principal.

Decades of low fat diets have sabotaged our metabolisms and contributed to – if not made – the obesity problem.  This Guardian article exposes the myths and explains why we have eaten ourselves into this sad situation.  Click here to read this great article.

Commitment Needed for EITHER Gastric Band Hypnosis OR Surgery

There is no success without committment
There is no success without commitment

Recent research suggests that a third of gastric band surgery patients put ALL their weight back on.  And that mirrors my experience with hypnotherapy too.  There is no magic bullet.

I advise my clients that they need to make a real commitment to change, starting with preparing their home and workplace by clearing out tempting food before treatment.

For more information, read the article in the Daily Mail (click on the link).

Why do people put on differing amounts of weight?

BBC Article - Why do people put on differing amounts of weight?
BBC Article – Why do people put on differing amounts of weight?

Foods that make some of us put on weight can have little effect on others, according to research.  Read the BBC article for more information but more and more it looks that bacteria in the gut is key to weight loss.  Click here.  My partner is convinced that black coffee in the morning, a can of bitter at night and the Mediterranean diet is best for all.  Maybe he’s not so crazy…

Probiotic Supplements – The Secret to Losing Weight Could be in your Gut


Scientists are increasingly looking at the link between obesity and bacteria in the stomach.   Many people on a diet or eating plan often complain that their slim counterparts eat roughly the same amount of fat, sugar, protein and carbohydrates as they do, but don’t seem to put on an ounce in weight.  Probiotic supplements may work for you.

Natural yogurt can help restore the bacterial balance in the gut

The Secret to Losing Weight could be in your Gut

Latest research by the British Journal of Nutrition suggests that overweight women who took a probiotic supplement not only lost twice as much weight and fat over a six month period, but kept the weight off.  They also found their appetites decreased.

Probiotic supplements vary widely in price and can be expensive, so you’ll need to shop around for the best value.  But don’t forget before buying probiotic supplements that foods like natural yogurt (and even beer in moderation) can help get the bacterial balance in your tummy where it needs to be!

Find out more about how the right bacterial balance in your gut can make you slimmer and how what you eat can affect your long term health and weight maintenance plans (click the article here).

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Junk food kills bacteria that protect against obesity, heart disease and cancer, study finds

The Daily Telegraph published this really interesting article, click here.

Fast food diet kills bacteria that protect against obesity

Because the balance of bacteria in your tummy is impacted by what you eat, this could explain why some people put on weight while others don’t, despite eating roughly similar amounts of fat, sugar, protein and carbohydrates.  It could explain why we think different people have different metabolisms.  Once again, the study points to the wisdom of a Mediterranean diet and the horrors of a junk food diet…

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