Trying to Lose Weight? Five Reasons Why a Virtual Gastric Band works


Weight loss is never easy.  Could a Virtual Gastric Band be the solution?  Many people who are struggling with their weight may have heard of bariatric or gastric band surgery.  This is where the size of the stomach is reduced by tightening off a small section of it using a hollow ring, which has come to be known as a gastric band.    This creates a small pouch above the band which can only hold a small amount of food.   As a result people tend to feel full quickly and eat less than they normally would.

A Virtual Gastric Band gives people the impression that they have undergone surgery and by doing this induces a similar response to their eating habits.

Trying to Lose Weight? Five Reasons why a Virtual Gastric Band works

Hypnotic Gastric Band or Virtual Gastric Band surgery is an alternative to the surgical procedure making people think they have gone through surgery.   They do this at a fraction of the cost and without the risks.  It basically gives people the impression that they have undergone surgery and by doing this induces a similar response in their eating habits.

Here are five main reasons why a Virtual Gastric Band works: Continue reading Trying to Lose Weight? Five Reasons Why a Virtual Gastric Band works

Commitment Needed for EITHER Gastric Band Hypnosis OR Surgery

There is no success without committment
There is no success without commitment

Recent research suggests that a third of gastric band surgery patients put ALL their weight back on.  And that mirrors my experience with hypnotherapy too.  There is no magic bullet.

I advise my clients that they need to make a real commitment to change, starting with preparing their home and workplace by clearing out tempting food before treatment.

For more information, read the article in the Daily Mail (click on the link).

Channel 4: ‘How to Lose Weight Well’: 11th January 2016

Channel 4 looked at several diets in this program but the gastric band ‘guinea pig’ got as good a result as anyone…

And hypnotherapy can help with eating habits too.

Lactose Intolerance and Race: Your DNA is hard coded

“The ability in adulthood to break down lactose is rare or absent in most parts of the world. Those without the (DNA) mutation can experience unpleasant side effects if they consume substantial amounts of milk”.

My friend Ping from China told me that dairy was absent in Chinese cuisine.  Her first taste of cheese was when she visited the West.  According to Ping, cheese is both strange and unpleasant to the Chinese palate although her kids who grew up here love it.  Of course, I thought this was very funny – “Let me get you right, fish heads are a delicacy but you don’t like cheese?”

DNA Mutation to Process DairyAnyway…   It seems that the DNA mutation that allowed humans to process dairy products occurred independently around 3,000 to 5,000 years ago in modern day Turkey (where it spread into Northern Europe) and parts of Africa.  In evolutionary terms, that was yesterday: the ability to process daily products can confer an important advantage for surviving a poor harvest.  For more information, read this fascinating BBC article by clicking here.

In my previous blog, I discussed the importance of maintaining a good bacterial balance in your tummy and suggested natural yogurt.  But if dairy is not a good option for you because you are lactose intolerant, there is other good stuff to kick start the bacteria including coffee and even a glass of beer.  The key point is the importance of a rounded diet for a ‘good’ metabolism.

Probiotic Supplements – The Secret to Losing Weight Could be in your Gut


Scientists are increasingly looking at the link between obesity and bacteria in the stomach.   Many people on a diet or eating plan often complain that their slim counterparts eat roughly the same amount of fat, sugar, protein and carbohydrates as they do, but don’t seem to put on an ounce in weight.  Probiotic supplements may work for you.

Natural yogurt can help restore the bacterial balance in the gut

The Secret to Losing Weight could be in your Gut

Latest research by the British Journal of Nutrition suggests that overweight women who took a probiotic supplement not only lost twice as much weight and fat over a six month period, but kept the weight off.  They also found their appetites decreased.

Probiotic supplements vary widely in price and can be expensive, so you’ll need to shop around for the best value.  But don’t forget before buying probiotic supplements that foods like natural yogurt (and even beer in moderation) can help get the bacterial balance in your tummy where it needs to be!

Find out more about how the right bacterial balance in your gut can make you slimmer and how what you eat can affect your long term health and weight maintenance plans (click the article here).

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A Solution for Weight Loss Could be Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

A solution for weight loss could be Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis.  Gastric Band operations are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and worldwide. According to the British Medical Journal there are over 240,000 people on NHS waiting lists.  Although the operation is available on the health service most people elect to undergo Gastric Band surgery privately due to the very strict criteria most people have to meet and the strain on NHS budgets .

Gastric Band Surgery can be expensive – costing as much as £3,500 – and like any surgical procedure can have adverse side effects and risks.  For these reasons, many people are now turning to a Hypnotic Gastric Band procedure. Continue reading A Solution for Weight Loss Could be Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis