Fear of Dentist

One in four of us is terrified of a visit to the dentist, but there are ways to deal with your fears.

DentistThe smells and sounds of the dentist can bring back childhood memories and fears that the treatment is going to be painful. Even the sight of the dentist’s chair or the sight of the dental drills can make some people very nervous.

These days, most dentists are aware of their patients’ fears and can do a lot to make dental treatment an anxiety free experience.

If the fear of the dentist so worrying that you cannot even make an appointment, hypnosis can be an effective way of putting these fears behind you.

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Marie Ferguson

Marie Ferguson

I am a qualified and insured Clinical Hypnotherapist. I help people lose weight, quit smoking, fight anxiety, overcome phobias and I am the founder of the Cognisense Method of hypnosis. I offer Hypnotic Gastric Band procedures, which is a popular alternative to the surgical procedure, both in terms of finance and health risks. My business is called the Glasgow Helpful Hypnosis centre, and I am always here to help.

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