Trying to Lose Weight? Five Reasons Why a Virtual Gastric Band works


Weight loss is never easy.  Could a Virtual Gastric Band be the solution?  Many people who are struggling with their weight may have heard of bariatric or gastric band surgery.  This is where the size of the stomach is reduced by tightening off a small section of it using a hollow ring, which has come to be known as a gastric band.    This creates a small pouch above the band which can only hold a small amount of food.   As a result people tend to feel full quickly and eat less than they normally would.

A Virtual Gastric Band gives people the impression that they have undergone surgery and by doing this induces a similar response to their eating habits.

Trying to Lose Weight? Five Reasons why a Virtual Gastric Band works

Hypnotic Gastric Band or Virtual Gastric Band surgery is an alternative to the surgical procedure making people think they have gone through surgery.   They do this at a fraction of the cost and without the risks.  It basically gives people the impression that they have undergone surgery and by doing this induces a similar response in their eating habits.

Here are five main reasons why a Virtual Gastric Band works:

  • People who are overweight often suffer from stress which raises the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.  This can cause an increase in appetite.   Once these stress levels have been brought down through hypnosis, weight loss can become more achievable.
  • The Cognitive Behavioural and Counselling (CBT) techniques used during a Virtual Gastric Band programme can help deal with the underlying causes which allowed weight gain in the first place.
  • The power of the unconscious mind: the unconscious mind is the primary source of human behaviour.  Hypnotic techniques used during the Virtual Gastric Band programme can create a positive influence on the unconscious mind allowing the individual to develop healthy eating habits without being aware of it.
  • After a surgical Gastric Band procedure many people cannot cope with their dramatic weight loss and find it difficult to adapt to their new bodies.  This can lead to depression, low self esteem and psychological problems – hypnotherapists determine these underlying issues and deal with them routinely.
  • The mere thought of any surgical procedure can make many people feel nervous, anxious and cause a lot of sleepless nights.  Those preparing for a Virtual Gastric Band operation experience none of this, knowing there will be no pain during or after the procedure.   Many find their stress levels  significantly decrease once treatment commences.

So although the reality of getting rid of those excess pounds may be a difficult one, for others the solution may be virtual.


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Marie Ferguson

Marie Ferguson

I am a qualified and insured Clinical Hypnotherapist. I help people lose weight, quit smoking, fight anxiety, overcome phobias and I am the founder of the Cognisense Method of hypnosis. I offer Hypnotic Gastric Band procedures, which is a popular alternative to the surgical procedure, both in terms of finance and health risks. My business is called the Glasgow Helpful Hypnosis centre, and I am always here to help.

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